The 1871 Club

The Wild Muck


Exclusively available for 1871 club members only

A limited edition of 177 bottles.

Powerful dark red berry fruits with notes of toffee, crème brûlée, blackberries, raisins and dates.

Australian certified organic molasses, Woombye water, wild yeast, dunder, muck and nothing else.

Double pot distilled and aged in a single oak barrel emptied of bourbon and port.

700ML, 50.5% ABV

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Powerful dark red berry fruits, dried aged molasses, toffee, brulee edges, and dried raisins and dates


Dry rich, elegant palate of dried red fruits. Red currants and dried blackberries. The richness and full body coming from the dunder and extra length from the wild yeast influences.

Serving suggestion

Neat over ice or with a splash of dry ginger ale.