The 1871 Club

The Pineapple Train


A limited edition of 192 bottles.

Pot distilled through baskets of roasted locally grown pineapples and aged for 2 years & 2 months. Lucious & full-bodied.

Notes of roasted pineapple, tropical fruits & maple syrup.  Hints of lime and mocha.

Australian certified organic molasses, wild yeast, Woombye water, dunder & muck. 100% unadulterated.


Head Distiller, Adam Chapman says:

"In 2020 Sunshine Coast pineapples were quartered, roasted over open coals and then vapour infused as the molasses distillate, on each of the two still runs, travelled through the gin baskets on the lyne arms of both Maria and Sarah, our two copper pot stills.

The name references the history of our beautiful home and Woombye-grown pineapples making their way to homes in Australia and all over the world – from the nearby Woombye railway station.

Double pot distilled then AGED FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 AND A HALF YEARS in old bourbon barrels emptied of sherry and port — on Australia’s beautiful sub-tropical Sunshine Coast."


700ML, 38% ABV


lifted tropical roasted pineapple with molasses and toffee notes, dried mango skins and dried orange and burnt sugar with a medium level alcohol to suit the flavour and drinking style of this rum.


On the palate, dry tropical dried fruit notes of pineapple, mango and citrus oils and dried orange and banana, toffee and molasses. Spices of cinnamon and nutmeg, and cocoa, coffee bean from the oak ageing.

Serving Suggestion

Neat over ice.