Nil Desperandum – the Latin translation of ‘Nothing to Despair’ and what would a century later become the uniquely Australian expression of easy-going optimism – No Worries. We just love that. It not only sums up the Sunshine Coast – it also gives you an idea of who we are and why we do what we do. 

Our Inspirations are the cane fields of the Sunshine Coast and the world’s best rums – distilled in the Caribbean since the 1600’s. Sugar cane has been growing in our region for over 150 years. It’s well and truly time Australia had a rum the equal of the world’s best. 

Using Australia’s only commercial quantity of organic molasses, the finest methods including natural ‘wild’ fermentation, and our bespoke German copper stills, every bottle of Nil Desperandum is produced with Love, Art & Science. 

Australians love rum and so do we. Our spirits belong in the glass of someone with a passion for good things in life who just knows there’s something more. 

You’re welcome. Enjoy.

The 1871 Club – Be Part of Australia’s Finest Rum.

Strictly Limited to 1871 Members

The 1871 Club is our exclusive insider’s opportunity to join Adam Chapman – Head Distiller and follow the journey of Nil Desperandum. Australia’s Finest Rum. Receive four Nil Desperandum Limited Edition releases per year including one Limited Edition release exclusive to The 1871 Club.

Meet the Makers

The 1871 club is a tribute to the history of our region. In 1871, the Nil Desperandum Hotel opened its doors in Woombye, Cob and Co ran three coaches a week between Brisbane and the Gympie goldmines and sugar cane fields were first planted in the region.

Sugar, the Nil Desperandum Hotel and Gold… you can see where we’re going with this.