The 1871 Club

The Roasted Cane


A limited edition of 192 bottles.

Pot distilled through baskets of roasted locally grown sugar cane & aged for 2 years & 9 months. Soft rounded & velvety. Notes of toffee, maple syrup & orange blossom. Hints of marmalade & marshmallows.

Australian certified organic molasses, wild yeast, Woombye water, dunder & muck. 100% unadulterated.

700ML, 51% ABV


Toffee, burnt sugar, maple syrup and orange blossoms. Wild lime rind, citrus marmalade, cedar, coffee and slight touches of roasted marshmallows.


Soft, gelatinous, great round spongy texture with flavours of dried orange, citrus marmalade and toffee, dried lime and marshmallows with a touch of fine ginger. A lovely tacky or sticky palate of richness and flavour depth that persists for a very long time.

Serving Suggestion

Neat over ice