THE 1871 CLUB releases are unique and incredible expressions of Nil Desperandum Rum personally curated by Head Distiller Adam Chapman to tell the story of Australia’s Finest Rum.

12 months of rum. 

Members receive five Nil Desperandum Rum THE 1871 CLUB numbered Limited Edition releases and so much more…

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THE 1871 CLUB members are as unique as our THE 1871 CLUB releases – from the casually interested rum drinkers who know they deserve better to the most knowledgeable and passionate rum connoisseurs and collectors.


Your annual membership fee of $999 rewards you with*

  • Five Nil Desperandum Rum THE 1871 CLUB numbered Limited Edition releases
  • Bonus Nil Desperandum Rum releases
  • 22% discount on all Nil Desperandum Rum purchases
  • Nil Desperandum Rum merchandise
  • Nil Desperandum Rum pre-release offers
  • Physical and online Nil Desperandum Rum events
  • Nil Desperandum Rum concierge service
  • Free shipping Australia wide
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