The 1871 Club

The Road North


The first ‘The 1871 Club’ members release. A cask strength medium-amber rum, bursting with ripe fruit, pleasing esters, and a long finish.

Story time:

Whilst it seemed busy at the time, the period before the arrival of our stills from Tasmania was relaxed and calm compared with what was to come.

Adam and Michael were working on the distillery fit-out and creating a gin recipe for sister-brand Sunshine & Sons. Mixed in with the Gin making were a few small batches of molasses spirit. Looking at a few different cultured yeasts allowed us to see the effect of yeast on the flavour of our new make spirit, but more importantly for the future, it gave us our first Dunder (the by- product from the first distillation run) and what was later to become our first Muck (Dunder that has been aged in the rainforest; a little secondary fermentation and bacterial growth).

It was in our second batch that we added this Muck and we quickly realised how much it added to the complexity of flavours in the spirit. Sadly, there were on 2 x 100L barrels of this, one of these has been emptied and bottled at cask strength for you, the other hidden away for another day (maybe another members release in the future!).

700ML, 60.4% ABV


Golden syrup, ripe pineapple, baked figs, molasses, ripe banana


Baked figs, golden pear, ripe dates, black banana, Maple syrup, vanilla and crème brulee, a ripe wonderful cask strength rum, showing depth and weight and a very long finish.

Serving suggestion

Neat over ice or with a splash of dry ginger ale.