The 1871 Club

The First Four


A limited edition of 101 bottles.

Our very first 4 year old rum. THE FIRST FOUR is the identical batch of rum as FIRST but has now aged for 4 years in barrels emptied of bourbon and sherry. 4 years is giving this rum additional and incredible complexity on the palate and more estery notes like ripe dried banana, pineapple, which is rather persistent

Pot distilled and aged for 4 years in barrels emptied of bourbon, sherry and port.
Notes of dried tropical fruit, dense créme brulee, banana, pineapple, fig & dates. Hints of toffee, burnt sugar & candy. Australian certified organic molasses, wild yeast, Woombye water. 100% unadulterated.

A rum to satisfy lovers of the world's best.

700ML, 54.5% ABV


Dense crème brulee, dried tropical fruit, banana, pineapple, burnt sugar, fig, dates, toffee and tacky molasses notes.


Dry rich intense flavours of burnt sugars such as toffee, caramel, candy, and textural molasses, neatly packed into matured dried dates, roasted almonds, cedar and cigar box notes.

Serving Suggestion

Neat over ice