The 1871 Club

The Double Dunder


Exclusively available for 1871 club members only

The 5th release of our 2022 members-only THE 1871 CLUB series. This showcases the first-ever distillation of a fermented wash featuring a significant increase in the volume of dunder – in comparison to our earlier fermentations. With a commensurate increase in complexity and depth. If that doesn’t twist your brain, read more about dunder and muck and it’s incredible influence on rum here.

Double copper pot distilled, cut at 57% ABV from hearts to tails, and aged for 2 years & 1 month in re-coopered American oak bourbon barrels emptied of sherry. 100% unadulterated. Bottled at 52% ABV without the addition of sugar, colouring, flavours or chemicals. A rum to satisfy the lovers of the world’s best.

700ML, 52% ABV

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Coffee, golden syrup, maple syrup and orange rind, citrus marmalade, cedar, coffee and a touch of cinnamon.


Soft, gelatinous, great round spongy texture with flavours of dried orange, citrus marmalade, toffee, molasses, dried cedar cinnamon, Turkish fig and dates.

Serving suggestion

Neat over ice or with a splash of dry ginger ale.