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Our first double vapour infused gin basket rum. This method of distillation involves placing the spices and botanicals above the base spirit whilst it is being heated. In this process, it is the vapour that is getting infused with the aromatic compounds rather than the liquid itself.

A flavourful and well balanced blend of double pot distilled and double vapour infused roasted pineapple, roasted sugar cane sticks, fresh ginger and fresh limes with Australian Certified Organic molasses, Woombye water, yeast and nothing else. Separately aged in port finished bourbon barrels then expertly blended.

700ML, 40% ABV/VOL


GOLD - World Rum Awards 2024



A lovely aroma of molasses, toffee from 2 and 3 yr old aged rums, all fused with elegant touches of roasted pineapple, tropical fruits, creaminess from the roasted sugar cane, then tapered aromas of lime and ginger.


Dry rich, full body, pretty botanicals yet still a serious rum. A bold rich tasting brulee, toffee and molasses rum with elegance, pineapple and sugar cane creaminess and then touches of vapour infused fresh limes and ginger for a small added natural acidity/spice touch. Our take on a spiced rum without sugar.

Serving Suggestion

Made for mixing with ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime.