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Australians love rum and so do we. Sugar cane has been growing in our region for over 150 years. It’s well and truly time Australia had a rum that’s equal of the world’s best. 

Australia Certified Organic rum. Wild fermented, locally sourced Australian Certified Organic molasses, Woombye water, dunder & muck. Double pot distilled then AGED FOR A MINIMUM of 2 YEARS in bourbon barrels emptied of Sherry and Port on Australia’s beautiful, sub-tropical Sunshine Coast.


Concentrated molasses notes with a sugar cane freshness. Dried tropical fruits such as dried mango, dried peach and nectarine. Marinated figs and prunes with crème brulee and caramel notes.


A smooth lingering finish of ripe tropical fruits, creme brulee & toffee.

Serving suggestion

Enjoy neat over ice. Great with ginger beer or cola and a squeeze of fresh lime