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Rum Triple Pack


DELICIOUS. 100% pure unadulterated rum. NIL additives. NIL sugar.

Enjoy your journey to Australia’s finest rum with three incredible limited edition releases.
Our Rum Triple Pack contains 3 of our limited edition releases:
  • One Second - 200 ML · 45% ABV
  • The Third - 200 ML · 45% ABV
  • Go Fourth - 200 ML · 40% ABV

These rums are made from the finest Australian sugarcane and distilled in small batches to ensure the highest quality. They are 100% pure unadulterated rum, with no additives or sugar. This results in a smooth, complex flavor that is truly a taste of Australia.

Whether you're a rum connoisseur or just starting out, this triple pack is the perfect way to experience the best of what Australia has to offer.


One Second


Toffee, crème brulee, molasses, cloves ginger, and nutmeg


Rich and dry notes of molasses, toffee, treacle with spices of cinnamon, cloves, banana, ginger, oak, dried walnut and wood polish cedar

The Third


Tropical dried white peach and yellow stone fruit, toffee, figs, dried mango skins, tacky molasses.


Dry, rich, elegant palate of tropical dried fruits. Richness and full body coming from the dunder and the extra palate length from the muck influences. Brûlée, caramel and toffee notes of fine oak usage.

Go Fourth


Dried white nectarine, dried dates and figs candied banana, toffee and paw paw


Elegant palate of yellow and orange tropical fruits. Flavours of crème brulee, burnt sugar, tropical fruits and toee notes of fine oak usage and state of the art blending between sherry and port barrels