We know that Australians love rum as much as we do, and with that in mind, we felt we had to finish what we started when we launched First, creating some of the best rum produced on Australian soil – which takes us back to February 2020.

While most of the world was worried about the pandemic that was sweeping the globe, Head Distiller Adam Chapman and Founder Michael Conrad were hard at work in the Distillery experimenting with different yeast strains, alcohol content from fermentation, Head and Tails cuts, types of oak, and barrel seasoning in order to figure out what our future final rums might look like.

While the spiced rums of Barbados and Jamaica were their primary inspiration, the boys realised that local elements, including molasses generated from the Sunshine Coast’s cane fields, were a familiar source of inspiration.

Using Australia’s only commercial quantity of organic molasses, the finest methods including natural ‘wild’ fermentation, and our bespoke German copper stills, we knew we had the right tools for the job. The blend that became One Second is a broad mix of barrels, started on cultured yeasts and fermenting at differing levels. The resulting spirit was aged in old red wine barrels that were re-coopered to 100L and seasoned with port. A continuation of what will become the incredible story of Nil Desperandum Rum.

One Second presents as rich and translucent medium amber. Once uncorked it hits you with a deliciously sweet aroma of toffee, creme brulee, rich double-distilled molasses, ginger and a subtle hint of nutmeg.

Serve neat and let the rich and dry notes of molasses, toffee, and treacle with spices of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, banana, oak, dried walnut and wood-polished cedar wash over you. Pause and bathe in the serenity that is One Second.

Each 700ml bottle of One Second is one of a limited run of 1181 bottles and comes in at 45% ALC/VOL.