​​In December 2018, Michael Conrad and Matt Hobson enjoyed a bottle of one of the world’s greatest rums and decided it was well past time for Australia to have its own truly world-class rum. Since then, Head Distiller Adam Chapman and the crew have worked tirelessly to achieve a common goal of making Australia’s greatest rum.

That ambition came to fruition at 2.22 pm on the 22nd of February, 2022 (2.22, 22.02.22) with the release of ‘Nil Desperandum First,’ Australia’s first certified organic molasses rum. This specific time is a tribute to the fact that Australian rum is required by law to be matured in wood for two years.

“The newest release was the culmination of a multi-million dollar investment and more than three years of uncompromising effort,” said Matt. Nil Desperandum is a Latin phrase that means “Nothing to despair”, and translates into Australian as “No worries”. We just love that. It not only sums up the Sunshine Coast, but it also gives you an idea of who we are and why we do what we do.”

“Australians love rum and so do we. It’s well and truly time Australia had a rum the equal of the world’s best.”

The name Nil Desperandum is derived from the moniker of the region’s first hotel. Its owner, James Costar, had a rough time acquiring a liquor licence in the first place. Unfortunately, Costar’s firm was soon overshadowed by Cobb & Co, who drove him out of business.

Sunshine & Sons’ gin and vodka, and now Nil Desperandum rum, are thankfully on a solid footing for Australian consumers. These wonderful handmade spirits are being manufactured locally to a standard that would make James Costar pleased – if not a touch tipsy.

Unlike many other rums, Nil Desperandum ‘FIRST,’ Australia’s first certified organic molasses rum, comprises just organic molasses, Woombye water, yeast, and nothing else. The flavour is enhanced further by ageing in sherry-soaked oak barrels.

‘FIRST’ by Nil Desperandum is a multi-sensory experience, with dark molasses undertones and moody streams of mocha, chocolate, and vanilla. Candied pineapple and banana provide a sweet temperament, while gentle flavours of raisins, dates, and figs pervade each sip.

To cap off the launching of Australia’s first certified organic molasses rum, 100% of the proceeds from our limited edition 200ml bottle will benefit the wonderful work and amazing students of the Sunshine Coast’s STEPS Pathways College. Since 1989, STEPS has been paving the road for persons with disabilities to achieve independence. Their professional team are highly competent in the field of disability support services, working on a daily basis to develop, inspire, motivate, and assist persons with disabilities.

We want to thank everyone who came to our Celebrations, especially the Terra Firma crew for putting on an incredibly tasty open fire barbeque despite the rain – and of course the SeaFM team who pulled out all the stops to herald the arrival of Australia’s finest rum. We wouldn’t be without all the wonderful guests and supporters who braved the rain to celebrate this Australian first.